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I have decided to write a series of blogs about death…

Please hear me out.  It may be stating the obvious, but death is the only absolutely certain thing that happens to every living organism.  And yet, as a species we humans appear ill equipped to cope with it.  The very idea is something we can tend to avoid at all costs, though each of us day by day inexorably moves closer to this last adventure.

Before those who love me decide to panic, let me assure you that for now I have no diagnosis heralding my imminent demise.

My plan is to attempt to spend the next year consciously living my life in the light of my inevitable death.  Already I feel excited at the prospect of what I will learn.  What I will get done that I would not have achieved without this change in focus; how my priorities and aspirations will alter; how relationships will develop.  My hope and intention is that I will make friends with death, so that my current life may become richer and more real; that preconceptions and unhelpful belief systems will be blown out of the water.

I guess I will meet several challenges, but as yet I don’t know the source of these.  Might it be when I visit the funeral directors?  Or writing the Useful List for those left behind when I die?  Perhaps when I confront the nature of faith?  Or clear out the underwear drawer?  (Already there is a sting in the tail – the thought that someone may judge my Marks & Spencers knickers, or discover my bra size…  Honestly, who really cares?!)

I don’t know when my time will come to die, but I would like to become a little more prepared than I currently am, by setting my light in a forward direction and seeing just what is illuminated in the process.  You are welcome to accompany me on this exploration – after all, you are going to die too…..