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Forgive my silence over recent weeks.  My plan is to continue with my preparations for a really full “life on the back nine” (a golfing analogy), but for a while I was stopped in my tracks.


I was suddenly aware of a large number of friends who were either recently bereaved or who had received diagnoses of serious illness.  Out of love and respect for them, I did not feel my written offerings were either appropriate or helpful.  Who was I to ponder or pontificate on a subject about which I had no current first hand experience?


I have now made peace with this.  It has sharpened my focus and realigned my purpose and priorities.  Thank you, my friends, for what I continuously learn vicariously through your experiences, your courage, and your honesty.


When I spoke to you last, I was struggling with sorting out my contacts list – that is still a work in progress.  I get easily thwarted and frustrated with the vagaries of electronics.  What I have discovered, however, is that if I set a big intention, things begin to come out of the woodwork and present themselves as tasks or challenges that are relevant to this intention.  So, my intention is:-


“Let’s work out how to live the rest of my life to the full, knowing that one day I will die, whilst making my living and passing as honest, easy and enjoyable as possible for both me and those whom I love”.


I have been immersed in getting my current life into the order I would have loved to have achieved a couple of decades ago…  Back to the gym, healthier eating and sleeping, menu planner, efficient shopping, change of supermarket, curbing unnecessary purchases, more regular contact with friends, writing regularly.  (Permission to vomit over all this goodie two shoes behaviour…).


There must be something in these ideas, however, because, from a place of taking back control and self-respect, up have popped opportunities to have in-depth conversations about tasks I don’t particularly relish the prospect of.  Checking the direct debits, checking the savings, setting up a funeral plan, reassessing wills – to name a few.


My mini intention today is that I book an appointment with the funeral directors to set up said funeral plan, and won’t allow myself another blog till that’s done.  I have intended doing this for several years now, because I want everything to be as easy as possible for those left behind when I do eventually die – and anyone coming to my funeral will have to be subjected to my music choices!!!


See you all on the other side of this completed task….