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Bra-vissima return to Exeter

I am delighted to report that, not only are we returning as the Choir in Residence at Exeter Cathedral for the last weekend in May, but that my new anthem “Salute the last, and everlasting day” (a setting of a poem by John Donne) will be performed on Ascension Day.

Saturday 23rd March

I am looking forward to being part of Flutewise’s forthcoming day for young flautists.  Fun to be had as we explore some ways to get over performance nerves!  A fully interactive session, to identify some of those things that hold us back as performers.

Update on Easter Jazz Course

I am pleased to report that my presentation to participants on the Easter Jazz Course appeared to go down well!  40% of participants wished to receive updates on Values Living happenings, and there have been other positive reactions:-

“Thank you so much!  Very enlightening.”

“Sue Hughes is a fantastic practitioner who’s as mad as a box of frogs…  As a drummer, the last thing I expected to be doing was tapping!!!!!”

One hour was nowhere near long enough to present all the important material relating to addressing performance anxiety, or for each participant to derive the best benefit of effective techniques for themselves.  However, this has set in train the idea to offer workshops (at least half a day duration) for teachers and/or performers.


Please contact me if you are interested, to discuss your requirements.


Bra-vissima performs at Exeter Cathedral

Bra-vissima performs at Exeter Cathedral

Bra-vissima, the choir with whom I sing and sometimes compose for, have had a wonderful weekend as the guest choir at Exeter Cathedral. We received a very warm welcome from the Bishop of Exeter, the Dean, the Cathedral clergy and the congregations. It has been an honour to sing in such a beautiful setting, and very exciting to have performed some of my compositions there. We are also thrilled that we have been invited back.