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In the Northern Hemisphere this can happen in September, when the heat of summer has run its course, but suddenly there is a last burst of activity, and the energy of the season seems to say “Not Yet” to autumn and winter. I remember Juba (Djimon Hounsou) says this to Maximus (Russell Crowe) in the film “Gladiator”. It touched the heart of things.

If one looks at the natural cycle of life and death, it could be said that I am probably in September now, whereas my children are probably in March and my grandson in January; our dog is overtaking us all and is likely to have made May already…

As I enter this latest chapter of my life, I am aware of change and challenge, but also – strangely (if one is an ‘ageist’) – a sense of anticipation of things new and exciting. I have made a proactive decision to come away from the restrictions of the school timetable, and to construct instead more of my own scaffolding around which to build my daily routines and joyful explorations.

There is a desire to make the very best of the times to come, and to look autumn and winter in the face. I do not wish to draw a veil over what someone once referred to as “increasing crumbliness”. My intention is to celebrate the reality of what current and future life has to offer, some of which has not been on offer before now.

I celebrate experience and wisdom. I celebrate humour and forgiveness. I celebrate reflection and space. I celebrate availability for others. I celebrate the ability still to make optimal choices. I celebrate “stuffing up” on a regular basis. Above all I celebrate Love.


I was very moved to watch this amidst the tv adverts last Christmas. I have no wish to go to such lengths to maintain the connections I value the most, but there is a bitter sweetness to realise that the last journey we make in our lives is on our own. Just like the first. Let’s make every season in life one that matters, and respect all others, whatever season they may be in.