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I am enough.

Solitude has finally taught me this.

I am enough, because it is all that I am.

I was born enough; I will die enough.


Solitude surprised me; an unexpected gift.

The wheels of my life swirled around for a while,

But, without the traction of interference,

Of their own accord they gradually slowed and stopped.


For a while there was a kind of catatonic, fearful stillness.

Who am I, if not in relation to anyone or anything else?


Almost imperceptibly, I noticed a stirring in my inner being,

A watering from my heart’s essence,

Filling up and nourishing one step at a time

Those parched places within my soul.

Some call this God.


I have the certain knowledge that any growth from this nourishment

Will be the growth of my true self.

The solitude may not remain,

But I will always know the sweet congruence of that feeling when it arises.


Nothing anyone can do or say can change the heart of who I am.

And neither should they.


I am enough.


You are enough.