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  • Anxiety affecting a music performance?
  • Exam nerves?
  • Paralysing fear during a sporting competition?
  • Stress around weight and self image?

    How frustrating can it be to prepare for an important event, only to find on the day or during the build up that your nerves are getting in the way? This could be a written exam or a practical performance – perhaps a music exam, a presentation, an interview, a driving test or a sporting competition?  Does the way you feel about yourself prevent you living your best life?

Would you like to …

  • Feel confident going into an exam?
  • Feel calm before and during a presentation?
  • Concentrate and deliver your best in your performance?
  • Overcome negative self-beliefs?
  • Handle unhelpful perfectionism and procrastination?
  • Learn to support your lifestyle with realism?


My coaching service addresses these issues, and I will show you how to support yourself too.

I have considerable experience also working with generalised anxiety and issues around body image and weight loss.


The practical bit.  I work in person or via Skype.  A format that has proved effective is as follows:

  • An initial 15 minute consultation to decide whether it is a good decision for us to work together
  • One 90-minute session
  • Two further one hour sessions

This package costs £170

After this, further sessions can be booked at a cost of £60 per hour.


Contact me for a free 15-minute chat to see if working with me is the right thing for you.


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