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So often we think about “healthy” food as having to be something that isn’t enjoyable. I recently decided to list foods that are healthy, but which also I enjoy and that satisfy me.

I also set to thinking about why there is such an attraction towards foods that are top loaded with fat, flour and quick release carbohydrates. The simple answers are 1) ease of access; 2) extreme tastiness! How much easier to rip open a bag to access instant gratification in the moment?

Of late, however, I have come to value my health much more highly than before, and to consider that actually I deserve to treat myself more kindly, and to spend more time on creating healthier tasty food. A spot of time allocation and forward planning could serve me.

Here is a dish I concocted that is genuinely quick and easy, and doesn’t require cooking.

Jewel salad

1 tin mixed pulses
1 avocado Small tin sweetcorn
4 spring onions
1 orange pepper (capsicum)
10 baby tomatoes
Juice of 1 lime
Chopped fresh coriander
Salt and pepper to taste

Chop avocado, spring onions, pepper, tomatoes into small pieces.
Mix in a bowl with other ingredients.