07710 172976 sue@valuesliving.com

Grade 1 & 2

from £25

Grade 7 & 8

Individual agreements to be made

Grade 3

from £35

Grade 4 & 5

from £45

Grade 6

from £55

These rates include 2 rehearsals of up to 40 minutes in length (depending upon the grade), warm up immediately prior to exam (warm up room permitting) and exam accompaniment.

Candidates of Grade 6 and above are required to tune their own instrument in the exam room.  I can help to make sure these students are confident in doing their own tuning.


Extra rehearsals can be arranged at a pro rata rate of £40 per hour, also extra aural training if required.


Travel costs may be applicable.

Please contact me on 07710 172976 or sue@valuesliving.com to enquire about this service.