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It’s 2nd January, and my only (rather unplanned and woolly) new year’s resolution has been broken. What a relief! I had lied to myself, that magically the remaining Christmas food would somehow morph itself either into the bin or down the throats of hapless visitors. Fortunately for my waistline, it was only some Pringles and the last piece of GF Christmas cake, but it set me to thinking about resolutions in general, not to speak of the great business that gyms and slimming organisations do at this time of year. A good time for them to get their marketing on point.

The trouble about New Year resolutions is that we seem to leap like mindless salmon into the same old loops – without having asked ourselves why we are doing this AGAIN, and in exactly the same way. If we want to make meaningful change of any kind, change is what has to occur! I love the way that 1st January dawns, all sparkly and new and full of promise, and in we jump, living that fantasy that 31st December revelry will somehow have given us iron willpower and determination, a clear desk, a nurturing and problem-free family, and will have eliminated all blockages to attaining what we think we desire in the forthcoming year.

I have been known to have had the odd perfectionist tendency…. What I celebrate today, on 2nd January, is that Life is here in all its messiness, to be relished. Sure, I awoke this morning with a sense of regret about the Pringles and the cake, but that was temporary. I will make mistakes today – as I do 365 days of the year – but I will learn new things, put the rubbish out, write that letter, walk the dog, play the piano, chat to friends and family, have a meeting about my new website – oh yes, and do some writing.

Plans, lists and resolutions definitely have their place. Real, effective change is somehow deeper and more subtle. It comes upon us unawares as we embrace each day and what it has to offer. I wish you all a 2018 in which you can truly live your values and implement those changes to make this possible. I wish you opportunities to laugh, even when life throws its lemons at you. I wish for you eyes to see beauty in the midst of ugliness. I wish for you a grateful heart, because there is always something to be grateful for.